Journey Beyond: A Spectacular Week of Space Series and Specials Coming to Curiosity Stream

August 15, 2023

Space Week Launches August 31 with the World Premiere of ‘Search For Earth’s Lost Moon’

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable exploration of the Universe as Curiosity Stream announces Space Week: Journey Beyond -- a week+ dedicated to captivating space documentaries and series. Space Week launches Thursday, August 31, 2023, with the world premiere of the Curiosity original special Search for Earth’s Lost Moon – examining an extraordinary discovery close to home that scientists are finding difficult to observe… and even harder to explain.

With an unmatched dedication to scientific accuracy, cutting-edge visuals, and riveting storytelling, Curiosity’s deep library of space content features some of Curiosity’s most highly rated and most-watched programs across Curiosity Stream and Curiosity Channel.

"Exploring space is a fundamental human endeavor, and Space Week offers a unique opportunity to engage with the wonders of the cosmos,” said Rob Burk, Curiosity’s Head of Content. “These documentaries and series are a celebration of human curiosity and our relentless pursuit of knowledge, and they represent some of Curiosity Stream’s fan favorites as well as hidden gems."

Some of the series and specials in the spotlight for Space Week:

Search for Earth’s Lost Moon
Premieres August 31 on Curiosity Stream
The area around our Earth is full of blind spots, unexpected visitors, hidden dangers, and potential cosmic treasures. This Curiosity Original Special explores the story of a mysterious asteroid discovered in Earth’s own backyard. And now, a scientific quest has been launched to understand the origins of what some are calling Earth’s other moon.

2023: A Space Odyssey
In this Curiosity original special, look back at 2023 -- a remarkable year on Earth and in space. Join some of the past year's space missions for a hyper-tour from our Sun to Jupiter–and beyond. Come face-to-face with an asteroid, lift off in search of the conditions for life, experience wondrous natural phenomena, and so much more.

Secrets of the Universe
Curiosity’s award-winning original series is the ultimate guide to the Universe, exploring the remarkable stories of the missions and breakthroughs that are revolutionizing our understanding of the cosmos. Featuring many of the world’s top space scientists, engineers, and explorers, each episode is a mind-blowing adventure to seek answers to some of the Universe’s biggest mysteries.

Engineering the Future: The Race to Space
It’s been described as the democratization of space. What was once the preserve of governments and superpowers, is now a truly global international industry. Narrated by the award-winning actor David Oyelowo, this ground-breaking original engineering series explores the spectacular technologies that could revolutionize life as we know it.

Asteroid Rush
What seemed like science fiction is now reality, and the countdown has begun. Scientists have no doubt that a killer asteroid will one day cross paths with Earth, and we need to be ready. From the depths of space to labs across the globe, in this Curiosity original special we explore the technologies astronomers are using to unlock the secrets of asteroids and deflect them from Earth’s orbit.

Plus: Curiosity’s original ongoing series Breakthrough, Life In Outer Space, Zenith: Advances in Space Exploration, and more Curiosity Stream premieres.

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